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Come and have fun with family or friends at the wheel of our latest generation thermal karts!

Discover our outdoor kart tracks: 1 large 850 m circuit approved by the French Motor Sports Federation (FFSA) in both directions as well as 2 tracks dedicated to BabyKart.


1 session of 5 min from

5€ TTC
From 3 years old
Electric kart on one of the 2 tracks dedicated to toddlers
Initiation to karting from an early age, accompanied or not

Kart Kid Family

1 session of 10min from

14€ TTC *

*Member price

From 7 to 14 years old
Karting suitable for children wishing to evolve on the large 850m circuit
For parents wishing to accompany their child on the same session, application of Adult kart pricing

Kart Adult

The 10 min session from

18€ TTC *

*Member price

From 14 years old (minimum height 1.40m)
Come vibrate and share a unique moment on our latest generation karts

Kart Biplace

The 10 min session from

25€ TTC *

*Member price

Come experience a unique moment with your children and / or your friends thanks to our shared driving system

Kart Racing 2T

The 10 min session from

32€ TTC *

*Member Price

From 16 years old and under conditions (see reception)
Discover the vibrations and smells of the 2T as well as a kart with a competition engine

The Most

  • A soundproofed 80 m2 space, a snack bar, a terrace with a view of the circuits.
  • Helmets, charlottes, overalls and rain suits on loan.
  • Briefing
  • Computer timing system with broadcasting of the ranking in real time on TV screens.
  • ITAKA SHOP shop
  • Wifi
  • Chronos available online on your “Member Area”
  • A 2-way FFSA approved circuit
  • A Safety Kart for more safety and quick assistance on the track.
  • A giant billboard above the track with real-time ranking.